Thursday, September 22, 2011

Organize and Spruce Up Your Space with Tanika Ray

While working fast and furiously on two weddings, the shop was chaotic and messy and not much more could be said for the state of my appearance, three stylish ladies walked into the shop. They were full of energy, chattering quickly and swirling around the shop. I could barely keep up. As they were ordering flowers I started to realize these ladies were special, they were from HGTV. I felt the pressure immediately and was suddenly very aware of the HUGE mess in my work space. I also realized the flowers they were ordering would be used for the reveal of a few houses for their show. It was such a fun experience to work with them and to get a small peek into their world.

Tanika Ray the host of the show was so darling and showed my little shop so much love. She visited again for jewelry and bags and then asked if she could feature the show in a segment she was doing for the Daily Dish. I was ecstatic! She also included Carmen Miranda's Antiques and Retro Rose which are great little stores right down the street from me. I love my new downtown community, so many fun places to discover. Many thanks to Tanika  for featuring  the shop!

Here is the link to the segment in case you missed it!

Organize and Spruce Up Your Space with Tanika Ray

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