Monday, November 9, 2009

OC Tanner Grand Opening

Much has taken place since the last time I blogged. Life has finally slowed enough that I have a moment to catch up on the events of the last month or so. I recently had an amazing oppotunity to do the flowers for the Grand Opening of O.C. Tanner. The building they renovated is amazing and I was thrilled and terrified to take on such an important job. The theme was Vivaldi's Four Seasons which gave me the freedom to work with many colors and flowers. Each floor of the old Hansen Planetarium became a different season and the outdoor space behind the building became a winter wonderland.

New O.C. Tanner Building
First Floor: FALL

Second floor: Summer

The Wall Blooms in the Historic Lobby

This project was so fun to see come to life. After planning for months and coming up with different ideas on how to make it come together we finally were able to put our ideas to the test. The guys worked very hard carting very heavy water logged floral foam up two floors. We built the structure and waterproofed the best we could as to not damage the HAND EMBROIDERED carpet. We held everything together with chicken wire and then we began filling in with flowers. It was very hard work and I couldn't have done any of it without my AMAZING team of helpers. They were an incredible help and they kept me sane and calm. They were so great during many stressful time crunches, long hours and very demanding physical labor.

Beginning to fill in with flowers and moss. The wall is supported by a custom built container that was painted and silver leafed to compliment the colors of the building.

Finished product.. hundreds of flowers later

Third Floor: Spring

WINTER on the Patio

These are just some of the amazing photos that I received from the event. Laci from Laci Davis Photography was nice enough to fit me in on short notice. She took incredible photos and she was a delight to work with. I was very thankful that she was able to use her talent to capture the flowers in a way that I would never be able to do. She has amazing photos and christmas card ideas on her website Check her out she is wonderful!

When this job was over I have never been so exhausted. It felt so good to haveFINALLY completed such hard work, on a time crunch, with little rest. Thank you to my awesome team that helped me pull this off. I could have never accomplished this without your help. Mike,Teresa, Jen, Margarita,  Ben, Paul, Chase, Ashley, Alyson and Heather thank you for putting aside all that you had going on to spend time processing roses, carrying heavy containers, and going without breaks and sleep for many days. You guys are incredible!