Thursday, September 29, 2011

DJ & Ashley Schwartz Wedding


Traveling with flowers is always an interesting challenge but this wedding was well worth it! Creating the florals for this beautiful wedding was a blast. Everything Ashley picked was fabulous and it came together so well. I was lucky enough to attend this wedding as well so I got to enjoy the stunning scenery as the sun set and the lights on the chandeliers started to twinkle. It was a perfect night under the Nevada sky.

Ashley was a STUNNING bride and her wedding party was just as fabulous. What set this wedding apart was the attention to detail. I was amazed at all the well thought out and well executed elements included in this wedding. Laura Stagg at did an amazing job at making sure everything at this event was beautiful and that it went smoothly all night. 

I love the personalized saying on the marquee

More wonderful moments from the night

eclectic teapots and flowers stacked on vintage books 

All the fabulous photos were provided by Jimmy Bishop at Gideon Photography

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