Friday, July 29, 2011

Blooms & Co. Open for Business

Every summer is a busy time for a florist, this summer has been busy and hectic in new and exciting ways. After a short apprenticeship in New York City at a very high end florist I decided it was time for me to take the leap and start building my own business. After looking and looking for a space to set up shop the perfect little retail space opened up downtown. My heart did a cartwheel in my chest when I first saw a picture of it. I knew this was the place for my little shop. After a month of construction, painting and many late nights the place finally started to look like a real store. Seeing my dream become a reality has been wonderful, energizing, fabulous and a lot bit scary. Once everything was in place I put my apron on and got my arms into buckets of flowers and I finally felt like "I was home".

The support of friends and especially family has been overwhelming. It has left me overwhelmed with graditute. I am a lucky girl to have such a fabulous support network to help me get thru time of stress and worry as I freefall into my new venture. Many of those people came to help us celebrate the Grand Opening of the new store. It was such a fun night and I was so excited to have friends and family here to be a part of such a great evening. Thank you to everyone that came and to all that helped behind the scenes. I have a million photos to upload that I have been snapping during the whole process.

I was lucky enough to have David Habben redesign my logo. He did a FABULOUS job and I could not be happier with what he designed for me. Check him  out at He will also be featured at an upcoming gallery stroll at the shop, which I am SO excited for.

The new logo looks great on my front desk!

A few shots from the store

Flowers from the Grand Opening
I forgot to take pictures the night of the opening due to the frantic state of stress I was in before the party started so I snapped a few after the fact.

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