Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chase and Ashley's Peachy Wedding Day!

FINALLY pictures of the best wedding yet, my brothers! He and his cute wife Ashley tied the knot two weeks before my sister left on her mission so it was a very busy, fun, exciting times for many reasons. We had so many reasons to celebrate. We gained a family member and sent one out on loan for a year and half. There are so many delightful pictures to share, so here are a few to start. Watch for more posts as there are more pictures to come!

Ashley picked beautiful colors and flowers for me to work. It was a treat to smell garden roses the whole time I designed! Its easy to work when you have a fabulous color palette to work with. The best part about her flowers is she picked flowers that COMPLIMENT HER SKIN TONE which makes each photo so beautiful. Its always smart to think about the tones of the flowers you pick and how they will look against your skin. It makes a huge difference! I hope you enjoy them as much as I DO!
They are wonderful photos taken by Lindsey Stewart at GREEN APPLE PHOTOGRAPHY
she was so cute and fun to work with. Be Sure to check her out!

Pomander Balls lined the walkway to the reception.

Sign in Table

David Austin Garden Rose Bridal Bouquet


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